Prayer To get back my love

Dear God,

Pls bless me in all my things. Now a days the things in my life are going worst. I don’t know what is happening around me and why these things are happening god pls give me some solution.
God rosen came to my life i thought u gave him to me as my life partner.

we both fall i love with each other. every thing went good for few months but after reveling our love to our parents problems started. then he left me for more than 8 months. i struggled a lot without him after that he came back to me and again we patched up..

now for more than 1 and half years things went with lots of problems and quarrels. Our parents checked our horoscope match but i didnt match at all. Now again he left me because of this issue..
His parents talked with me that im their daughter in law but now they are talking as such im a very bad girl and i am torturing them and his son for accepting me..

With this my parents are very upset. I dont know y my rosen have changed like this. we both were together for most times but he left me struggling alone now.. i miss him a lot he s my life..
Pls god forgive me for my mistakes and sin
pls give solution to all my problem god
Wait for ur solution