Prayer to get accepted in to the nursing program next week

by TLN (MN)

My daughter just got notified today that she did not get accepted in to the nursing program but is on the waiting list.

The rest of her roommates got in so she would graduate a year later than them. She doesnt want to apply to a different college since this is a very good Christian College that includes God in there RN training. She has had several surgeries herself and has learned has wants to be the most caring/knowledgable nurse she an be.

Please help me in prayer that she will be notified next week that she has been accepted and will be able to continue with 4 of the greatest roommates and friends that a parent could ask for their daughter.

She called me tonight crying and heartbroken because she tried so hard even retaking a summer class his past summer to better hare grade to a “B” and still didnt make it.

Again please pray with me to get her in nest week and keep the girls together.