Prayer to get a wife

by Byron Nugent (Jena Louisiana)

Please pray for me to receive a godly attractive wife into my life soon. My ex-wife left me several years ago I am very lonely and want a caring wife I can love.

My name is Byron. I am a Christian and I am tired of fighting my flesh but only the marriage bed is undefiled so I need a wife as much as I want a wife.

Please pray for her to find me and me her soon. Thank you and god bless you

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  1. for wife

    My God i am ur son and you are promise me to give right wife so i am alon and when i am alon every thing is not god because of many thing is complicted so your promise to supose to give good wife and my God I am wating your answer .
    I need your pray !!

  2. please help me find a loving wife

    Dear Jesus Lord and our Holy Mother I am so very lonely. I have been very successful in business and have more money than I know what to do with, But it means nothing without someone to share it with and to love and be loved. To be happy and have a loving wife or husband and family is the greatest gift in the world; something all the money in the world cannot buy. Please send me someone to share my life. Please send someone into my life.

  3. look to your friends for that someone who has broken up recently. what may not be working for them might be just who you are looking for.

    Look to friends

  4. you'll get her boss, you'll get her

    hi Byron, you’ll get a wife, dont let that dang gone hand get goin, wait for that special woman. also, try to get one of your own race too cuz that is the best way to go! seek ye first the kingdom of god and all these things will be added to you. might find her at church or the library. get a vegetarian woman if possible. peace and good luck! God Bless!

  5. Byron a wife

    Lord, I lift Byron up to you that you would bless home with a carrying wife one that loves him,because I am lonely to and waiting on you to bless me also because loneliness is hard Please bless him with the desire of his heart.Byron enjoy your wife love her and careful her to.

  6. Gods Timing

    I pray that person God has designed for you be there very soon. I am believing God for my husband. It is very hard & I know he is near, but just don’t know who he is yet. I am very loney and I have never been married with no children but a awaken came in my heart at the age of 38 to have my husband. Be strong and keep praying because when it happens for you, it will happen for me soon. Amen


    Hallo Byron, you are one of those few man who believe that a good thing (wife) comes from God.I pray that God grant your request as per his word he says if your asks for bread you do not give them a snake but what they have asked for, in his time. Start thanking God in faith for your wife.I am also looking for a husband and am believing God I will pray for you until you are married and pray for me as well.

  8. Very Extremely Hard To Find A Good Wife

    Very extremely hard to find a good wife for many of us good men that really hate being single and alone all the time, especially when we see so many others that were very blessed and lucky to have that gift of life. Women today are certainly nothing at all like the good old days when they were the very complete opposite of today, and most of the women back then were real ladies too. Whatever happened to the women of today which is a real mystery how they have really changed for the worst of all since they really have no personality and manners at all either. God forbid for many of us single men just saying good morning or hello to a woman that we would really like to meet now has become very dangerous for us since there will be many of times when these women will even Curse at us men for no reason at all. Very severely mentally ill women nowadays that are just real men haters that have really caused this mess in the first place to begin with.

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