Prayer to get a part time job

by Christabelle (Crawley Uk)

God, please I’m your child, please help me to get at least a part time job. I’m stressing everyday, I looked for many jobs on the internet and I applied, but they didn’t get me through. please help me to find a job before December. oh God I really need your help, and i will never give up , please pray for me to get a job.

I’ll have to thanks God for given me a good health at the moment compare of what i used to have before, in Jesus name I am free. Amen

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  1. part time job

    Please help me to get a part time job on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday or Saturday and Sunday to be a help to my family. I have been getting jobs but not on a regular basis.. the people I came across are not at all understanding and am 58 years . .They say I was so sloq. I did my best Lord Jesus. Am tending to lose vonfidence. But will never give up.I know lord Jesus nothing is impossible but with your support guidance and help am sure I will be successful. Protect each member in my family and keep then in good health and spirit. Talk take care of my brother and help him to be responsible and change his way of life. Also take care of his daughter and wife and keep them all happy an healthy.Take care of my sister in law her children and my sister. Take care of my husband my daughter and her family and my younger daughter. Help her to fond a good catholic boy.

    Your loving child

  2. part time job

    i will pray for you and also pray for me too so God can give me a good part time job by september

  3. Part time work

    Dear Lord,

    Please help me get part time work as teacher aide at the school I have applied with, group leader/schoolies in the centre that has my application or after school care at the school I phoned and emailed an application to. I need ongoing part time work to pay for living costs, and holidays and to support my husband and as I am studying.

    Thanks for my husband health, dog and house Amen

  4. Door to Open

    I pray that your door will be open before December, the Lord is not slack concerning his promises that he has for us.

  5. Part-time Day Job

    Please pray for me to get a part-time day job to help remove debt and feel better to save for a vacation and touch up on house repairs. Trust and believe and I shall receive in Jesus Christ Holy Name Amen!

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