Prayer to get a new job as content producer.

by Cecilia (Kenya)

Dear Lord you know my inner being, search me and make me your own. I come to you full of humility asking you to grant me the job at AI, dear Lord am grateful for the job I have now, but I know my time there is done, I have achieved what I truly wanted and its time I leave so that someone else gets the same opportunities.

My heart is aching and desires this job because to me it will not be work but rather something I love doing and have a passion.

Through the faith you have instilled in me, today I have written my resignation and just like Jacob said I will not move until you bless me, until I touch the hem of His garment. I will have faith that move mountains I pray for my application from the minute I send it to the minute I will be called for an interview. Lord I know London is calling, and through answered prayers I have responded.