Prayer to get a job

by Noelle (USA)

Dear St. Jude, I am feeling hopeless and depressed. I am in need of a job after staying home for more than 6 years taking are of a developmental delayed child, so that I can pay the debts that I have accumulated over the years relying on only one income from my husband’s paycheck.

It was hard living pay check to paycheck without knowing what are we going to do if my husband gets laid off.

I really hope to get a job to help pay off debts and to better my family’s situation. I hope with a job I will be able to move to a nicer safer location for the sake of my young child.

My husband and I only have one old car and we will never know when it is going to die on us, we would not be able to get another car due to financial difficulties at this moment. Dear St. Jude, I pray that I will be given a chance to work! Thank you, St. Jude…

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