Prayer to Get a better Job

by George (Dubai)

My Heavenly and Almighty God. PLease hear my prayers.

Thanks for all the health and support you have provided me to live in this world. I thank you for all the blessings you have given to me and others in this world.

When I didnt have a Job you helped me get a job and move according to this world. But now my Job has giving me problems and my Company is not willing to give me a an increase in Salary, or a deserving Job promotion.

Please hear my prayer oh Lord. PLease help me find a better Job where I can me mentally and financially satified.
Lord your are the Almighty GOD. Please forgive me for all the Sins that I have commited in my entire Life.

You came to this World to remove all the sin not the sinners. Please hear my prayer Ohh lord and please bring peace upon this world. There are people suffering from Disease and Pain, Oh Lord shower blessings upon them and support them. Oh Lord Almighty please hear my prayers and shower blessings upon your KIDS


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