Prayer to Get a baby

by Ammu (UAE)

Dear God, My heavenly father! you have given me everything i wanted, and many blessings that i didnt expect in my life. I am sure i am your favourite daughter and you will give me only the best things available in the world. I know you have a better plan on me and making me to wait to receive a precious gift. Thats baby. me n my husband have only this deep desire in mind. Our parents are praying hardly for this blessing, Dear Jesus my parents gifted me their son as my husband, i want to give them back a son or daughter of his. please give me a kid soon to become proud in your name.we will praise your name…praise the Lord…Hallelooyah!!!

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    God i come now before you to bless me with another baby after my first born now shes 10 i have been praying God to bless me with another child.Me n my husband we come together holding hands in yr presence. God we know that you have hard our prayers LORD.Anything which is dead in US me or me husband lord bring it into life again in yr holly name.We are waiting Upon you Lord believing in Jesus name AMEN.

  2. baby

    Dear Lord, you graciously answered Hannah’s prayer. You performed a might miracle with for Sarah and Abraham. In grace and mercy, please grant us the miracle of a baby in the name of Jesus.

  3. prayer to get a baby

    Loving heavenly father we bow down to u, pray to u , to show or eyes of mercy on us, by blessing us with a baby.As we and all our family r praying since a couple of years.plz bless and shower us with a gift of baby.we ask this in the precious name of our saviour lord Jesus Christ.Amen.

  4. prayer for a baby

    Dear Lord, please help me to have a baby and show me your will. I am already taking care of 4 children and would like to have a child of my own. its hard to see everybody around me pregnant and not wishing it could be me. Please Lord answer my heart felt prayer.

  5. congratulations

    This is also my prayer, I am very happy for you that you received what your heart desired. To God be the glory


    i am mother of a 4 month old angel now………………..may god is great…………..

  7. i have Never been pregnant

    my mensurable period will start tomorrow and i reject that and ask that we all pray together so that it will not come. Amen.

  8. I am pregnant

    I have posted this prayer few months got approved recently..With God’s grace I am carrying now.god is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We all are waiting to see the baby….thank you jesus..hallelooyah!!!!

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