Prayer to gain my son’s the custody of hi son beautiful children back the way I thought was originally set by the court

Dear Lord Jesus we come before you asking you to please protect our grand children, make them understand that’s these are all temporary that they will be back to their father’s 50:50 custody as it was originally set by the court. Please watch over them and always remind them how much their father love and care for them that he will do everything to get them back. Lord, we also ask you to pour your Holy Spirit to their mother, for her to realize the children need their father as they are growing up so fast and need their father in their lives, we are asking you dear Lord to work on our entire family to get along for the best of the children, let them be children and not worry about anything else. It was not their fault that all of these are happening. Keep them happy and safe dear Lord in Jesus name we pray,


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