prayer to forgiveness and to reunite our family and good health

dear lord,

I forgive to those who hurt me, specially with my sister, I hope you’re going to touch her heart that she will realise that family Is the foundation of happiness and success, lord please guide us for all our endeavours in life, lord please guide my brother to find a better work and also he will be able to help his family, lord I hope that everything will be fine at the right time, as of now I give you the power to move us our heart to reunite again. I hope my sister will return for us and us forgiveness that cause the pain for us, us me I forgive her already, as you lord I surrender everything to you. I hope everything will be fine and also give us more strength and good health and more blessing’s and successful in our life and lord help to approved my visa to work abroad, and lord help my parents to be strong and give them a good health always. thank you lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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