Prayer to forgive boyfriend

by Elicia (Namibia)

I am asking for a prayer request from God for God to help me with the reconciliation and restoration in my relationship with my lover/boyfriend and things to get back to normal as it was previously for the past four and a half years.

God please touch his heart and direct his step back to me finally before the end of March 2011. I want him to propose to me and to get married to me before the end of this year December 2011. I also would like God to touch his heart and to soften it and show him the love I have for him as a lover and help him fight the devil that wants to come and destroy our good relationship. He cannot do this alone without the help of God.

I love my boyfriend/lover and have forgiven him for what he has done to me. I want God to make him realise that he needs to get married to me and stop living the life he wants to live now. I want to save our relationship and make a Godly difference in his life.

The Almighty God must please remove the dark cloud, bitterness and anger from his eyes he has towards me, lift him up and show him the love I have for him.