Prayer to fix this complicated relationship and Have His Trust Back

Lord father God, i come as humble as i know how asking that you you touch my relationship with my incarcerated fiance. We have been together since high school and have kids together. He feels as if he can’t trust me and he don’t know that i know he is talking to another woman.

He say that he want to marry me and i know i want to marry him too but the trust is slowly leaving and the enemy is gradually coming in the middle. He told me a time before that she is not a threat to our relationship and i feel he may be using her but i also feel like Im being used too. I know he loves me but he is holding on to my past and i want us to forget about each other past and focus on the future for us and our kids.

Lord please bring us back together and gain the trust back and love each other better than we ever have before and be inseparable. Also help us to get this marriage going and let no man or woman pull apart this love. In the mighty name of Jesus i pray. Amen

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