Prayer to fix our relationship

by Daniele (Philippines)

Dear God, help us, him and I, to overcome this hard situation we are facing now. I do not pray for myself alone, but for him and us. I pray to you, dear God, to give him strength to never let me go.

To give him trust for himself. To lose all the doubts in him. Dear Father, You are our strength. We want to reach out to you for help. And when we do get back together in Your arms, we will do no sin. We will avoid it. We will wholly give our trust and love to each other. We will trust each other more. We will love each other more as much as we love You. Loving Father, what turned out to be some kind of joke before has grown into love. God, my loving Father, I have accepted all his flaws. I have forgiven him for his mistakes. I have taken in all the pain he has caused.

I have taken it all in because I love him. God, I do not love him for his money, looks or talents, but I love him for him. I have grown more and more in love with him every single day. And it gives me such pain to see him down and to not see his beautiful smile or hear his adorable laugh. Please, dear God, forgive us all our sins. We were blinded by lust, and I’m terribly sorry for it. Dear Lord, please bring us back together. I will wait for him even if many years will pass by. I will love him more and more even if he will study far away. I trust myself not to cheat on him as much as I trust him not to replace me whilst I am still there.

I do not want to ruin his education and his family’s plans for him. I just want him to have someone to take care of him. I want to take care of him. I want to console him. I want to hear all his problems and sufferings and help him solve it or recover. Because on the day we talked to each other like close friends, he consulted me and trusted me. He told me all his problems and I comforted him. Caring for him, loving him and being with him is the greatest blessing I have ever received in my entire life and it has given me much happiness. Seeing him alone and in pain doubles, better yet, quadruples the pain I feel. I ask again, Father God, to heal our relationship. Bond us together with a stronger force of love and trust. Please, dear God, give him the ultimate strength to face this problem. Give him trust of himself, and trust in me.

I trust him to come back for me. Give him the trust in me that I will wait for him and never leave him. Lord, God, I love him very, very much! And I am forever willing to help him change from his sins. I love him very much, Lord. And I give him all my trust. So please, God, help us. I know this will work out. Because you have done many miracles.

I put You in the center of my life and in our relationship (if ever we do get back). I trust You to fix this. Thank you for giving me him. Amen.