Prayer to Fix Our Broken Relationship and Have Love Again

by Cora (Colorado)

Dear Lord,

I come to you and seek your help with my relationship of nine years. I truly believe that you put us together and that we were perfectly matched by you to lead us both into a greater place of being.

He has always meant so much and I believe he really loves me as well but we have come to the end of our journey together and I don’t want to leave this relationship without knowing I turned to you to work your will upon it. I trust you will not put us anywhere or with anyone that is not for our highest good but nothing about this feels right. We have been mean to each other. Said and done things I’m ashamed to repeat, but I think the outside influences has just about won over love. If love is the greatest of things, help me Lord to be more loving. More understanding and kind. Help me to let go of anger or resentment and all of the bondage that holds us from you and each other.

Bring us back to a place of peace and joy and mend our broken hearts. Help us to feel mutually for each other all those things that we loved and built on when we first met and remind us of how far together we have come. Show our hearts the beauty once more that we felt in one another.

Strengthen our faith in you Lord and our faith in each other. Soften our hearts and our words and take our pride and negative feelings and destroy them so we do not try to destroy each other. Help us to show and know love once again and honor ourselves and each other with harmony and goodness.

Bring us back together Lord, for it is only you who can fix that which is broken and make it new again and better. And it is only you Lord who hears my prayers and knows our hearts. Thank you Lord….Amen

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