Prayer to Fix my Relationship

by Gab (Inglewood Ca)

Hello my boyfriend told me last night that he might leave me. I love him with all my heart. We were both in a car accident recently. It affected both of us and i believe God saved me again and him.He says he loves me but he doesn’t know if he wants to marry me someday.

God don’t let him leave me I know I haven’t been the best girlfriend because I call and text him a lot. I know that sometimes I am obsessive. Help me to change my ways and that we both work this out and that he doesn’t leave me tonight.

Please God and the virgin Mary please go where he is at and heal his heart and let him be happy and not give up on us please hear my prayer Amen

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  1. God help me fix my relationship

    Hello dear,
    Peace of God be with you.
    I pray for you and all others who are in our shoes. May God hear us and graciously have mercy on us and grant our requests.

    Sweety,you’re not in this alone. For five months now, a day has never passed without me shedding tears. My boyfriend and I got informally married almost a year ago. Few weeks to our official wedding,my guy called off the wedding and quitted.
    This was three months after our first pregnancy naturally aborted. My dear,it felt like hell and my days came crashing.

    We take courage in our God ,the repairer and restorer. We ask for a restoration not a replacement . So may He grant our desires.Amen.

  2. God hear our prayers

    May God Lord Jesus christ help you to see your weaknesses and be the best girl you can be for him. I pray that God wipes your tears in Jesus name amen.

  3. don't worry

    i will pray for you too… may god listen your prayer and both of you will live happily… my good wishes r with you.


    “Father God, you are so wonderful. So loving and kind to your children. Father I ask that each of your children reading this prayer now begin to get a deeper revelation on your love for them. Father, if they have recognized they have been living under the spirits of rejection and abandonment, I pray you give them hope of being free, even today. Help them to see that you have not abandoned them. You have not ignored them. You love them. And you think well of them. Help them to see where their abandonment issues began and who was involved and forgive them. If they have been abandoned by their father or mother, or abandoned by any one else, I pray that this area be filled with you. For you have not abandoned them, you have adopted them to be your own. Help them see that even though they may have been ignored or that their father was silent to them, that they see this and confess this to you, that they confess this pain to you now. And I pray that as they confess this that you heal their broken heart. Let them know that if their father on this earth could have said what they needed to hear, he would have. But since he didn’t, that they hear these words from you right now, “I love you, I am proud of you, I am glad you were born, and you are a good son/daughter.” Let them be filled with this truth, remove all pain and hurt from their lives and set them free NOW in Jesus name from the spirits of Abandonment and Rejection. I believe you are doing a mighty work specifically for each person reading this. You see each one right now who is seeking you, who wants to know you, who are determined to follow you. Free them Lord so they can go onto other things in their lives with a healthy attitude. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

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