Prayer to fix my relationship with the father of my child and the love of my life

Father Please,

In the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus Christ I come to you in all humility to ask for your mercy over my relationship. I pray that you fill our hearts with love, kindness and compassion for one another. I pray that you give us understanding, patience and the ability to communicate so that we can reconnect and get along well. My son needs to see his parents happy, and we used to be so in love. Father please break the chains of darkness that are enveloping my relationship, and free us, only so that we can be happy as we used to be. Lord, I love you. I thank you for giving me the
blessing of true love and I pray that you give us both the wisdom to see this true beauty that you have given us and the ability to value our love and make it last. Father Lord, we wish to be together for the rest of our lives and it is only the fighting and temptations of the devil that have kept us from doing so.

I pray this in Your Holy and Precious name

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