Prayer to fix financial difficulties in the family

by MC (United Kingdom)

Father in heaven

As I come before you, I pray for your forgiveness and pardon for all our sins we comitted in the family and so that you would help us to put our trust in you and we shall start over. Although it is difficult to change our whole perspective in life but I just pray that you help us unconditionally that your love is unconditional. And also I thank you for the work you put in my family and continuinly working within us.

Lord I pray that you would continue helping us financially and I know you can conquer all these problems coming in our lives such as depression, burden, being jobless, the low life we are living in, being in debt, not having loads of faith in ourselves and the lack of money. I just pray that we must turn our lives around to follow your direction and so that these problems would never have entrance in our family again. I pray for the grace and the wisdom and so many possibilities you would deliver in us and not to be associated with the foolishness within our societies and that we can live joyfully and glorify you through the things which we do.

I pray that you be with us now and always. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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