Prayer to Find Work

by Aly (New Hampshire)

Dear Lord

I do not want money I haven’t earned. I also don’t want to go back to 80 hours at two jobs and never see my son, we couldn’t even move out of my mother’s house. I am so afraid that i will continue to fail my son and have to choose to work too much and never see him or work too little and never give him. Proper life.

I have made mistakes but never anything bad or evil just typical young mother things. Im almost graduated college with an associates in business and can’t find a job for over a year. When I quit my last job it as supposed to be for a few weeks. The jobs I do hear from I can’t take due to the hours and no help in childcare. His own dad won’t even take him to practices or let alone teach him stuff that boys should know.

So i do I’ve taken him fishing and camping celtics games taught him soccer basketball baseball and even coached. I have never introduced him to anyone I have dated. I have done right by him in this regard but i fear I have failed him in the lack of security and family.

Its on me to find a job that doesn’t take his only active parent away. Please hear me I’m at the end of my rope. Thank you Lord.

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