Prayer to find true love

by Debbie (NC)

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I recently had problems with my boyfriend. We have been having issues for a while. Each time I ask about a friend (girl) of his he gets very defensive and turns it into something that is my fault.

We have been dating for the last six months and had planned to move in together this summer. He has been talking to a girl he went to high school with.

She lives over 700 miles away from here. The problem is , is that he and she are constantly testing and she is sending him messages about kissing him.

He says he told her about me but I don’t think that he did. His messages to her say he misses her and I am yours. These are very hurtful to me and I have tried to explain that to him. It doesn’t seem to matter what I want or think about it.

I would like to stay with him, but can’t keep going through this. I would like to find the right person for me soon even if it turns out not to be him.

I just would like to find the right person for me and lead a happy life together. I would also like for him to apologize for what he has put me through and truly be sorry about it.