Prayer to find the Love of my life

by Patience (Cape Town, South Africa.)

Dear God, I come before you today in dire need. All those around me try to cheer me up by reminding of how good my heart is and how you are yet to send me the one true love, my soul’s companion, the friend, lover and man that my heart desires. I have no doubt in this as you have shown me grace and mercy throughout the days of my life. Lord I know that I am still young but at the age of 24 my heart yearns for the love from another. I have made mistakes and rash decisions before which I believe i will not make again. in the past You have taught me to pray for specific things and point out the very things that i need. Lord I need a God fearing Catholic man, who believes in what I believe, an African man who will understand my values, a hardworking man who will never tire, a loving man who is compassionate and gentle, may he be a friend to me when i need a friend, may he be patient to my pain, diligent to struggles and encouraging to my dreams. Lord please send me a respectful and respectable man who will lead me to your righteousness, father my children, provide for us and protect us. May he be a reflection of Your divine mercy, love and compassion. Bring him Father with his faults which i will learn to love and appreciate until the grave separates our bodies but never our souls.

Through Jesus Christ’s name I bring forth this request.


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