Prayer to find peace from my fears

by Lindsay (Australia)

Dear God,

I love you.

I am so scared in life. I’m scared of getting in trouble, doing the wrong thing, making people angry, making people hate me, accidentally causing people harm, doing something wrong causing my husband to hate me and leave me. I’m so scared all the time that it paralyses me. I am tired of it. It hurts so much to have all of these fears all the time.

I feel so anxious this week that I couldn’t get out of bed yesterday and today I managed to get up but I feel so afraid. Please help me to find ways to deal with my distorted way of thinking, and my fear fantasies about all the awful things that might happen to me. Please help me to trust in you. Please show me where I can find peace. Please help me to have faith in the forgiveness of others. Please remind me to have compassion and forgiveness for others in my heart also.

I love you Lord. Thankyou for helping me.