Prayer to find love

by Monica (United Kingdom)

Brothers and sisters in Christ I ask for your prayers. I am a young 25 year old woman. I have many friends and an amazing family that I am truly blessed to have, but one thing I really want is a partner. I have never been in a relationship before so i have never been in love..

This upsets me as I feel like I have a lot to give and would love to share my life experiences with someone.
I feel myself getting jealous of my friends in their relationships as I am the only one who’s single – and always have been. I hate the person im becoming because of it. Im jealous, envoious and as a christian, it is not right.

However, things changed recently. The Lord sent me someone that I am absolutely in awe of. I met him unexpectedly, and I absolutely love everything about him and its funny as I wouldnt describe him as someone I would naturally be drawn to, but I am. We’ve dated a few times and I love spending time with him. However, I don’t know if he feels the same way and its driving me insane. I find myself overanalysing every message, every situation and it’s gotten to the point that I’m so worried about him not liking me, that if things don’t work out, it’ll absolutely break my heart. The thought of him with another Woman almost sickens me. It’s really scaring me how emotional I am about it and I don’t want any of this to spoil anything that can potentially become of this.

I have made a couple of mistakes in my life – completely unrelated to love and relationships – that I confessed in church begged for the lords forgiveness. I honestly hope he did… but can’t help but feel like I’m getting what I deserve by being single.. I feel like things might not work out with this guy, because I dont deserve it.

I ask again for the lords forgiveness and I pray that he gives me strength in this situation. I pray that my guy feels the same way about me but if for whatever reason he doesn’t, Lord I beg you PLEASE give me the strength to get through it. Im weak as it is, but this would break me. Please help me to stay faithful and accept the situation. I am a child of god and I want to do what I can to make you happy. Please rid me of my jealousy and reassure me that you are with me regardless. I love you and thank you for what I already have. Please join me in prayers brothers and sisters that I may find love with my guy, or to remain faithful and strong if it doesn’t work out. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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  1. Don't give up hope!

    I stumbled across your message quite by accident. I was very moved by it as I can relate to it very well. I am 52 and still not in a loving relationship. But I’ve been lucky and have experienced several relationships and the wonderful possibilities inherent in each one, albeit briefly, along the way.

    It’s interesting isn’t it, how we seem to have everything we need but there’s just that one thing. And it is to be loved and to have someone to love in return.

    Don’t give up hope and try not to worry. Savour every moment and try to enjoy the journey! Only God knows why you have met this wonderful man. And God will make everything good. It may not be with this person and, if not, there will be a really excellent reason why the relationship is not to continue. But ultimately God will lead you to the right person. Rest assured that, even now, that person is on his way to you.

    For some of us, it takes many years. God has a reason for everything. We might not be able to discern it yet. Hang in there and try not to worry! And good luck.

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