Prayer to find love in Marriage again

by Yen (Vancouver)

Dear Lord,

I have gone astray from my wife, and met a mature woman who accepted my situation, and became the person I never had. She could have any man, but she chose me to spend her time with.

She always listens to me and respects our time together, but calls me a coward for not making our relationship official, and hiding the truth from my wife. Help me realize how important my marriage is, so I don’t hurt two people at the same time.

Help me be able to describe what I want and expect in a marriage, so I am not open to another woman’s embrace and/or seek what I am missing. Help me be able to solve these issues with my wife immediately, before I lose my wife and continue to be separated.

I don’t want to hurt her because it hurts when she is gone. Help me keep this marriage alive and healthy so that our kids don’t grow up confused.

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