Prayer to find job meant to me..

by Eurich Fernandez (Makati City Philippines)

Dear God,

Im having hard time to find a job that will satisfy and improve my passion. Currently, Im still employed but for what ever reason Im not happy with the working environment and all the things that Im doing, everything is just a routine work, there’s nothing new and I feel Im so stuck. Lord God, I want a new work that will make me improve and contribute to the goal of the company that I work with, I want also to feel that Im important in the organization and that my co-worker will respect me for the ideas that I suggested and that i feel so happy in the working environment even if I have so many task and deadlines to do. Lord God, Please help me to find a job that is meant for me. To find a job that you have assigned for me in my life. Help me find the path that you want me to do and grow as an individual. Please help me find the right job to do the best that I can in it.

I know that you want me to be patient. I know that my waiting has a reason for it. I trust you Lord God and keep on waiting for the right time that you planned for me…In Jesus Name, Amen

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