Prayer to find employment after being laid off

by K.R. (Atlanta, GA)

Dear Lord Jesus and to the amazing people you have viewing this:

I pray that you assist me in finding gainful employment after being laid off from my last job. After countless hours and 100+ applications being sent, I need you to please open the door for the right and perfect job for me. If the jobs I’ve applied to are not Your Will, please keep the door closed and I will continue looking. I want to provide my family. My beautiful partner whom is hearing impaired counts on me to be her guardian and to continue putting food on our table. I’ve also spent my free time helping at our church by providing my labor as a gift for all you’ve done for me before. Please allow your love and energy to reach the right HR department to move one step closer to a new career.

I’m scared Father that my search will go on until our funds are low and we will not be able to pay our mortgage and bills. I’m on unemployment but do not want to continue being a burden to my fellow tax payers. Please help provide an opportunity to allow me to live in your light.

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