Prayer to find an excellent paying job to meet my bills to also pay off my car

Almighty, Forgiving and Gracious God.

I come to you in prayer today before your Throne of Mercy. We are aware Father, that we sin each and every second on the clock and come short of your Glory but because you are a forgiving God, Lord, you look down and forgive us when we are faithful and just to confess our sins. That is why your Mercy endure forever.

Father, my specific request to you today is, my resume was submitted to four jobs as a consultant for a year. I present this to you because you are the decision maker who will choose the one you have for me at your will. That is, among the four jobs, I claim the one with the higher pay that the first two months I spent on the job, let me perform to the fullest to be a “Super Star” in the eyes of the manager I will report to and his or her staff, which will make him or her to hire me as a full time employee.

Father, please take preeminence over this prayer this morning as I make this request.

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, God of Daniel, God of Paul and Silas and the God who split the “Red Sea” for the Israelites to walk on dry ground when Pharaoh Soldiers were after them but they drowned because of your Infinite Power. You are the God that I am speaking with at this moment, Lord.

Thank you for having mercy and answering my prayers. Through the eyes of “Faith”, I believe that I will get a call this morning from Pamela Ewin, the Recruiter who called me yesterday that the hiring manager of the higher pay job has asked to meet with me for an interview.

I also offer my prayers Lord, for those who are in the same situation like I am. Meaning, they are also in the job market.

plead the Blood of Jesus upon these words. Our going out and our coming as we step out there for the job interview.