Prayer to find a true friend

Lord, Heavenly Father, I am in a dark place with no true friends close to me but you and your saving grace. Help me find one or more true friends of Faith in this place I must be until I resolve my academic issues.

I am your own dear child, by the blood your son shed for me, please remove obstacles to my finding a true friend. I came to this place because you gave me a true friend for 5 wonderful, if trying years.

Having my sister in faith in my daily life gave me the courage to try again and live a fuller life. That effort led me away from ready company of my still beloved friend, and without her ready fellowship I am a bit lost in this world and my new temporary home near my college,if not in your plan for me.

Help me remove obstacles to making a new friend, a companion who takes me at face value; who is also spiritually grounded in you, so I can appreciate my acquaintances and the wonderful if scary journey.

Help me on my journey to get my academic credentials and gain professional employment. As you will it, it is done, thy will be done.
Amen, your faithful and repentant daughter.