Prayer to find a new home

Dear St. Joseph,

I humbly ask for your guidance in finding a place for me and my family to stay. You see, we have 3 dogs that we do not want to donate to the animal shelter. We desire for a place wherein we can keep them so that we may be able to grow old with them.

We too ask for you to please pray that the people whom we will talk to would agree on our terms for we cannot really afford to pay for an expensive house. We do not have that much money to spend for it. We honestly just need a cozy place to stay as a family. We really need you. Please please grant our prayer request.

I too ask for you to please pray that God will touch the hearts of our current landlord so that we will be given more time to pack and to find a place for us to stay. We hope that you would grant our petitions because we believe that through you, God will be able to hear our prayers.

Please do pray for us. We are really very desperate already. We do ask for your guidance in this journey as well so that our future landlord will be kind to us. This is what we ardently desire as a family. Please pray for us. Thank you.


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