Prayer to find a new home in a short amount of time.

Dearest Saint Jude,

I need your help more than ever right now. I’d like to start off by thanking you for the blessing of my beautiful baby boy….after a year of trying and praying and nine long months awaiting his arrival, he finally entered the world this July. However, I just found out that the house that we are renting is entering in foreclosure and will officially be in the court system in October.

My husband and I don’t make the best money. He sacrifices family time to work at a factory six days a week for twelve hours a day. I work at a gas station full time, but I make barely above minimum wage. Every bit of our money goes towards rent, phone bills, internet bills, and now medical bills from my hospital stay when I had my son. We try to save what we can, but it hasn’t been much. Because of this, we don’t have much of a credit history, so getting a loan on a home would be practically impossible.

I’m trying to find affordable apartments, but I am not wanting to part with my dog. He is a rescue, and has been through enough already. Please guide us in the right direction…we desperately need a place to live….for our son most of all. Most holy Saint Jude, please hear my prayer.

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