Prayer To find a job very soon and finish Nursing school.

by From A Faithful Daughter And Servant ()

Dear Lord,

I come to you today humble and with an open heart. Lord, please hear my prayer as a mother with three children and no support dear Lord but yours. Help me now that I have lost my job in finding dear Lord the peace and a way to forgive those who helped in leaving me without a job. I ask that you bring peace to my heart and in doing so I know dear Lord that only “you” have the power to let things happen. If so, dear Lord I know you chose to pull me out from where I was as you have other plans for me. I accept them my Lord as I know whatever you have already chosen since before I was born is for my best and those who depend on me. My spiritual life is always weak and so I feel as if this is a last opportunity you give to me to kneel before you and beg for your forgiveness as I have forsaken you so many times, forgetting how good you have been to me all these years.

You know that my deepest desire since I was very young was to serve you in the medical field as I feel deep in my heart this is where I should better serve you and where I can put the talent s that you have given me to work. I’ve tried so many other things and nothing fills my heart in a career as that in the medical field.

Help me if it is your will to help me fulfill my lifelong dream dear Lord, I promise you I will not fail you. I know dear Lord I can make a difference and that this is a better use of my life than all those other lucrative careers I’ve held.

I am bound to be homeless and I still don’t accept this will happen as something deep inside me tells me you are already at work preparing the way to lead me through. Don’t let me despair and please help me, oh Lord! to find a job this week. I know time is precious and the longer it takes for me to find a job the deeper I will fall into financial jeopardy. I only trust you my dearest Lord, have mercy on me and don’t let me go.

I feel weak and I may let go at times, catch me with your loving arms my Father, embrace me as I am here now with a glimpse of hope as I am typing my request and prayers I have already started to see your loving hands at work for me and my kids… I will praise you always I could have never made it sanely to this day if it weren’t for your strength and for always guiding my steps.

You are my dear Lord, my one and only savior today I praise you and forever I shall give testimony as I have for many years, that you and only you can move a mountain, can make the impossible become possible and all this because you love me.


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  1. Intercession

    Father God, I pray for your child, Lord that you hold her in your hands and give her the provisions needed to care for her family that you have Blessed her with. Lord I pray that you give her a forgiving heart. Lord I come to you boldy asking you to reveal yourself to your child, so that she comforted in her time of need. The enemy has come to steal, kill and destroy, he is busy, but he can only do what the Lord allows. This test will have you end up on your feet. The Lord said, have you considered my faithful servent Job.. You are his faithful servant, he knows you will not turn your back on Him in hard times, He knows you will come to him in prayer, and request His love and comfort.
    Lord, I pray that you manifest yourself to your child and hold her up reaffirming her faith in you..I pray this as I do all things in Jesus name.

  2. He'll never leave you

    Heavenly Father, we come together to lift up mother of 3 and ask that You grant her the desires of her heart. Lord, we ask that You lead her to not just to a job, but to a career, so that she may take care of herself and her kids the best way You see fit. Lord, she has humbled herself before You, and she is surrendering all to her Heavenly Father. As the hymnal goes: we’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting in His Holy word, He’s never failed me yet. Oh, we can’t turn around, we’ve come this far by faith.

    It is done. Amen

  3. In God's will...

    In God’s Mercy and perfect timing. He may grant your heart desire as in God’s plan for you. I’m praying that the good Lord will hear and grant your prayer request. Amen.

  4. praying

    Hello, I am also in nursing school. Quite stressful to say the least..I will be praying that God supplies you with a job and you will be that nurse. Never give up. I almost failed a few times in nursing school but like you I feel my desire is to please Him in nursing. We are in a similar boat, you will be in my prayer nightly.

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