Prayer to Find a Job to Use My Skills

by Cara (Hartford, CT, US)


The situation at work has become so difficult, it feels like there’s little option but to leave. I need to believe there is another, better job out there that I can do. Am I supposed to start something entirely different? What should I do?

I need your help so that I make the best decision for now and for the future. Should I try to work with the new administration, even though it means working twice as many hours without any pay increase or appreciation?

I don’t want to have a breakdown over this. My health is the most important thing and I must do whatever will protect that the most. The stress right now is very high and it will get worse before it gets any better. I know I need to let go of all the judgements I am making about the new director.

The definition of stress is going against what is, but what is is too much. Please guide me over the next couple of months. I ask with all humility and patience. Thank you for listening. Amen

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