Prayer to Find a Job Soon and Extra Money

I have lost my job, and have been searching for one for 8 months now. I’m scared of the future without a job. I am no longer able to help my parents financially. I am barely able to get my children what they need.

Please help me find something soon. I wish I were financially set so that I could continue to stay home with my children without worrying about money.

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  1. Faith

    You are in prayers this morning!!!!
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Jesus needs you
    He hears you he will walk with you
    And not let you down

  2. Financial and marrage

    I ask your assistence. My life is completely broken, failure in everything I do such as
    1. Marriage
    2. Business
    3. Employement
    4. Curt complaints and so on
    Reason why as ask to pray for me in order to overcome all evil spirits that may be creating such embassement on my life
    I am convinced that everything you ask to God for me, it will for sure happen.
    So, please help me on your daily prayers and blessings

    In the real scene:

    1-I suffered a hoax about 100,000.00 usd, causing me to ruin that got me in the deep end. The author of the theft is Mr. Bruno Jean Makundi. divine Intervention desired to spare my money
    2-Three other individuals Pamphile Suluka, Luc Ngaima and Bantu received $ 16,500.00 from me to clear from the customs one Brand Scania lorry at the port of Pointe Noire R. of Congo Brazzaville. They kept with them the tipper changing the truck papers and now refuse to hand me my truck . I am now without knowing what to do. I ask for your assistance, the powerful hand of the Lord can weigh on them for a divine solution, that they may return me the money of the the truck purchase in amount of (USD 28.000.00) and I the one gaven for the truck clearance from the customs
    3-All this I faced caused the bankruptcy of my small business.
    4-Another named Gabriel Baltazar who was said to be Spiritualist Temple of Nazar, seeing me in this bankruptcy told me that he would be able to resolve the issue. This also disappeared after teasing me over USD $ 15,000.00. I hope that the powerful hand of the Lord can weigh about these evildoers for a good divine solution
    After the failure of my business I had to look for a job.I was been appointed as a representative of the same in my town, but with very meager salary. Unfortunately, the direction of the same called me and handed me a suspension. I have no hope, nor would like there to continue. Just I wish that God give me better opportunities, especially relaunch my business activity.
    I endeavored so much by that company. My bosses proved very ungrateful.
    5- I Contracted some debts and don’t know how to pay and have been continously bothered.
    Some people also like Mr. Abel Isias who had appeared to lend him some money because he had late one child while it was a lie.
    6-I wish you to pray for me to quickly find a virtuous maiden to start a family with me. I am no family. Already tried unsuccessfully many times to create a family. Always went ill. I do not know who might be behind it. I ask divine intervention
    7-Also have some health problems, vision, weak immune system, poor memory, etc. I keep tearing. On tests that I made I was told that I have a swelling. I need a divine healing.
    8-I await my military reform to Lieutenant Colonel Augustin care. I desire urgent solution.
    10- I want to reframe at the Ministry of Education. I am awaiting the final response of the Minister who has guided the provimcial department to give his seem,but They are ignoring the of Minister guidance
    Best regards
    Mansasa Tembo
    May God bless you

  3. A Job for my brother

    My brother needs a job ASAP he is depressed about not being able to find a job and support his family. Please pray for him.

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