prayer to find a great relationship

by AM (GP MI US)

the holidays I have always been difficult. My ex husband left me for another woman who can have kids. So many of my relationships have ended with the next person finding the person that they marry.

I’m trying to keep my faith in our Lord Jesus that he has a plan for me. I don’t ask for money, I think im for all the good things in my life including health and my job, and I try to be a good Christian.

The only thing I want to find in life is true love. Not easy love, but a real marriage. With everyone who takes it for granted, I can’t be the only person out there looking for a good stable relationship. I’m a family oriented person. I try everyday to be the person he wants me to be. Once my parents are gone, I won’t have anyone. No one seems to understand as they give me advice And encouragement from their marriage. it’s very hard have faith in myself for god when I see 1 of the most precious gift in life passing me by, and I promise not to take it for granted ever again. I’m so afraid of dying alone, without having had somebody With whom to share my Life. this may be one of the most selfish request I have to make in my life, but it would be one of the most appreciated gifts I would give back to selflessly