Prayer to fill my husbands heart with love

Dear God,I humbly ask you to please fill my husbands heart with love for me once more.Forgive me my sins and faults which has caused his moving away from me. Please show him he can have love and joy in being husband and wife once again. I humbly beg for the pain of our separation to end and that we can come back together stronger,closer, wiser and more grateful for every blessing. I pray he can see the worth in our relationship, please god, open his heart, mind and eyes. This separation is part of your divine plan, please help me to have faith that you will be merciful and forgiving and restore that which you once brought together.

I humbly beg this of you dear lord, and also for all those who are suffering the same, I pray for peace ,patience,faith,and gratitude for all the blessings which still remain, as I await the unfolding of your will.

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  1. Husbands Love and Faithfullness to our Marriage

    God please open up my husbands heart and soul to me. Let him realize we are a couple with two boys. Lead him to my path and I to his path. Open up his pain and keep away the bad like infidelity with other women. Let him trust me 100 % with no doubts and I the same.
    Have him kiss, be affectionate towards me, hold me and tell me he’s in love.

    Show me

  2. Restoration of family, marriage reconciled, husband delivered

    Please pray and agree with me for my family to be restored and our marriage fully reconciled. Deliverance from alcohol, pray his urge and desire to drink is permanently removed. All ungodly soul ties from previous relationships are broken and destroyed.

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