Prayer to fight urge against pornography

Dear Lord,

I know you have been very merciful to us. Your grace has been sufficient in our lives. We have tried to resist the temptation by all means. However, the devil has used the device of technology to draw us away from you. Porn is easily accessible in the Web via YouTube, Facebook, Google, to mention but a few. Indeed, Internet is a necessity and we need it in our day to day activities and to keep up with the development in our career, friendship and family.

Therefore, I ask you my Lord to protect me from the temptation of modern technology that has destroyed many marriages, family and friendships. Kindly O Lord, grant me the grace sufficient enough to resist any temptation of the modern technology that come through exposure to pornographic materials. Show me alternative ways to cope with the stress of life instead of resorting to pornography. For those who are single, enable us to find life partners that are God fearing. Heal broken marriages and rekindle the love marital couples have for each other. With all these in place we are winning the war against consummation of pornographic materials in the internet as well as television.

I strongly believe according to the book of Matthew 7:1 that says with you all things are possible. Therefore, I have faith that your power will continue to manifest best in my weakness and that your gracious favour will abide in us now and forever more, amen.