Prayer to Expand my territory

by Nicole (Trinidad)

Dear God,

I come to you today to pour out my mind, heart, body and soul to you. I need you in my life. I ask that you expand my territory. Bless me with my own home. Bless me with success in my studies. Bless me with love, laughter and the gifts of sharing. Bless me with an abundance of wealth. Bless me with financial freedom. Bless me with success in my work and married life. Bless my husband with a permanent job. Bless my son with a high intelligence. Bless my son with good health and a healthy appetite. Bless my son in his studies. Bless my parents with love, laughter and good health and happiness. Bless my siblings with lots of love, happiness and success. Bless my nieces and nephew with love, happiness and success in life. Bless my co-workers and in-laws with happiness and wealth. Bless everyone I come in contact with with love, joy, peace, happiness and prosperity. Bless you God in the name of Jesus Christ your son. AMEN.

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