Prayer to end this Joseph Pit

by Kimberly (Cumming, GA)

Heavenly Father,

I come to you today with a prayer of gratitude. I know You are gracious, sovereign & all-knowing. I know while we can’t see the big picture, You can. It has been six years of trial after trial with our young family. Once we think things are looking up, we are hit again. Your son, my dear husband, has been out of work for two months. With five young children he is searching, interviewing non-stop. This last rejection stung really hard.

Lord, I know You know how he feels. In the midst of this job search we find my mom has cancer…. this is terrible, unfathomable news. We understand & accept she has 3 +/- months to live but this seams so terribly unfair; but we are choosing to trust you.

Father, I feel like Joseph in the pit. I have been praying we were on our way up the pit…. some normalcy… with a new perspective on life. But this is really hard; when I thought we couldn’t lean any more we are leaning & trusting & praising You. We know nothing else to do. Lord, I ask you to please bring a glorious opportunity to my husband AND peace & comfort to my mother and father who is broken hearted;

I ask that You show up in such a way that ALL people will know it is You- our Heavenly Father. The one & only true God. In Jesus Precious Name. Amen.