Prayer to ease our burdens of illness and financial distress

by Sharon (Marrero, LA)

Please pray for my husband and myself. The past 3 years have been very rough for both of us. I was diagnosed with cancer, lost a kidney and rib, went thru chemo and am humbly grateful my husband could take care of me through this trial. Shortly after I went into remission, how long we don’t know, my husband had 2 mild strokes.

We have struggled with our business but kept it alive all through this and must sell and retire so I can take care of both of our needs. Our home of 28 years is for sale to downsize and make it manageable for me to take care of and husband to get around. I have been praying and have never asked for anyone to pray for us.

All of our lives we have worked very hard and kept others with jobs and homes. Now we need the help. Both of us have strong faith, but our time is getting shorter and our needs more. Please pray for us, In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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