Prayer to ease my anxiety towards my job and my brother-in-laws recent diagnosis

by Carol Theresa ()

Our Beautiful Lord, Please help to easy my anxiety. This week I am waiting to see if I will receive a job that will truly change my life. Last February I spent two weeks in the hospital for an anxiety disorder caused by PTSD. This was difficult for my husband and my young children. I know you already know this. Please allow me to attain this job so that I my be released from the terrible place I work now which caused the PTSD. I spent most of the time in church today tearing up and begging for you to change my job situation. Please Lord, Beloved Mary, and St. Jude please release me to start anew.

My brother-in-law was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Please take care of him and all who love him especially his girlfriend, Sara, who is sticking right by his side.

Please answer my prayers.

With all my love,

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