Prayer to Do All Things in Your Name

by Bc (Texas)

Heavenly Father, I ask you to have favor on me and show me your will. Give me direction and a job where I can do your work. Help me to be a blessing in others lives. I want to work, I want to live, help me show me where I can be of better help to you and do your work that you need me to do.

I ask that you continue to bless those in my life and be with those that need you the most. I am asking for friendship, I am asking for forgiveness, I am asking for him to be the person I was falling for understanding and thoughtful and generous. I know all are going through things and if you could let him know my intentions are genuine, and I am just trying to be a friend.

Please in you all things are possible and I do not want to give in or up with him Lord. In your name I pray! Amen