Prayer to Defend this Abused Child

by Melody (Oklahoma City Oklahoma)

Oh God of mercy and love. Your loving kindness is enduring your long suffering extends to the sinner. In your name we pray for you to review this situation. Oh almighty powerful ruler and judge of the earth, please look down now upon this evil. Look down from your throne room and see a child’s pain. Be the protective father he needs. Let NOW your eyes discern and your heart be broken. Show this child your loving kindness and protect him and cast away the evil from him. Let him see you cast down his abuser. Let not his mother anguish day after day. Save us oh God by your mercy avenge us and free us from our misery. Let the earth see this minister who speaks in your name. Let his insides be naked for the heathen to judge.

Let his family be ashamed before the heathen and judged for who they are. Let the sinner be viewed as righteous before this evil. Lift up the unsaved over those who preach salvation and torment innocent children. Oh God in heaven move and do something. How long will the cries of children go unheard. Open your ears to hear the cry of the innocent. Stretch out your hand of deliverance. Move swiftly upon the wicked and remove them from their place.