Prayer to Cure Illness and Hair Loss

by ARAR (United Kingdom)

Dear Supreme Almighty,

I pray for your love and grace, and bow humbly at your feet.
I feel stressed, depressed, and unable to think about work because of my incessant hair fall. I’m a young man, barely finished my battle with acne before my hair started thinning and falling out. I am very worried about how I will be perceived – as it is I am short, and quickly balding and haven’t had a girlfriend in years. With your blessings, I pray that my hair stops thinning and regrows thicker and stronger, with your love and grace in every strand. I don’t have anyone else in the world who will understand and love me as much as you. So I beg you to pardon me from this torture – I will do anything to get my hair back 🙁

Yours sincerely,
your faithful child

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