Prayer to cure alzheimers

by Dpn (Lafayette, La USA)

Please pray for my wife Betty — we”ve been married for 60 years. She’s in the early stages of alzheimers — she is so much a part of me — I want her back the way she was — Thank You — restore Betty to complete health. Her confusion seems to be getting worse. Please HELP !!! We need a miracle!!!

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  1. Love and Alzheimers

    i know how you feel, God be with you. my dearest grandmother, whom i shared so much with has Alzheimer and from the time she did, i slowly saw my best friend slip away. its so hard to see someone you love become someone that doesn’t even know you. i pray god helps you to cope and to heal your wife, such a touching plea from a loving husband.

  2. Staying in faith

    I will pray for Betty . Will you pray for my mom , Helen ?
    God almighty is the creator of all things ,of the universe.
    One word from Him is all we need to see our loved one beeing cured>
    God bless both of you.

  3. My mom is like your wife

    I feel for you, being married 60 years to your wife, she is part of you. I will pray for you. My mom is also slipping away. I think moderate dementia. I have been the closest to her of her 4 children. I have been taking care of her since last June 2013. This part of my life has been the hardest and saddest. She is the the mom i once had. I only talk to her about the past. I always called her everyday to tell her my joys, my problems, just to talk and she was always there for me. Now all i do is tell her she needs to drink water and eat her food. I need so much prayer. I ask Virgen Mary to intercede for me. I talk to Jesus every moment i can and ask him to have mercy on me and heal my mom. I want her back. Its as though she is mentally gone and shows little or no emotion. I give her hugs and tell her i love but she never says she loves me. Please pray for my mom. I have her name, it is Bertha.

  4. Through Love, God will help you endure.

    My heart goes out to you. How can God put these beautiful people thru this torment? i asked this when I was the caregiver to my husband of 56 years. He passed away last year and I said Thank You God for giving us both the peace to endure while he was alive. You can never forget your loved one, nor can you forget how tired life can become. The loneliness of seeing your loved one’s mind disappear and not being able to help them, just tears your heart open. No amount of care can make you feel better but you can only pray that God will give you the strength to get thru it all. And after your wife is finally at peace,you will find strength to go on but you will never forget the love of your life living trapped in her brain that no longer even knows you. God Bless You Both.

  5. I Believe. Please Help my Unbelief

    I am sixty-seven years old and have recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. My mother died of this cruel illness when she was in her early sixties. My father, siblings and I watched in horror and pain as a beautiful, clever and warm-hearted woman disappeared before our eyes – only to be replaced by a confused, frightened and helpless stranger. That was sixteen years ago, but it seems that Medical Science has made little progress in that time when it comes to finding a cure.

    But I am going to lick this hideous thing! Don’t laugh! I MEAN it!!!
    I do take Aricept, but apart from that I am fighting this beast with prayers and faith in my God – and a very healthy lifestyle. I know that I cannot do this alone but that with Him all things are possible. My diet is not completely vegetarian but I mostly eat fresh fruit and vegetable – and lots of nuts. And I always enjoy a glass (or two) of white wine. I know that red is supposed to be more beneficial but I don’t like it! I walk every day – always in the outdoors. No machines or air-conditioned enclosures!

    Every night before I go to sleep I bless myself by making the Sign of the Cross on my forehead after dipping my fingers in a small vial of Holy Water from Lourdes. I smile at myself in the mirror, say a few encouraging words and then go to bed with a good book. (My marriage fell apart a couple of years ago).

    I have five children and seven grand-children with an eighth due at Christmastime. So you see, I cannot get sick and die just yet! Maybe fifteen years from now….

  6. Alzheimer's

    Please help me ask God to heal my sister of Alzheimer’s
    Her husband has Parkinson’s so the family is dealing with a double wammy

    If God can heal the dead, he can heal my sister, Dolores Ann Hopkins


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