Prayer to cure ADHD


Dear Jesus;

My son has been through so much in his life, being bullied, felt inadequate, lonely. He was working in a good job and I felt it made a big difference in him. He lost that job to outsourcing and has been unemployed for almost two years. He again is feeling inadequate, and depressed.

He suffers from ADHD, and has no insurance to cover his medicine, therefor he isn’t taken anything. He doesn’t have enough faith in you Dear Jesus, so as a mother I am asking you to please help him find work. Put a holy person in his path that would lead him back to you. Let him know all those time he felt alone and abandoned you were with him. Jesus I Trust in You.

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  1. My son is ADHD

    Please check with a local free health clinic. They might be able to help you with medication and counseling for your son. I too am the mother of an ADHD son who was diagnosed when he was 4.He is turning 21 tomorrow Aug 14. He continues to make bad choices even with counseling and medication. Turning 21 just adds problems on top of problems. Hang in there.

  2. prayer for you and your son

    My friend is going through something very similar. I can relate as he is experiencing a lot of depression and anxiety about the future. I can feel the pain that he is experiencing and feel helpless to make it better. I pray that God will put the right path before him and help him find his way back from this difficult time.

    I found this prayer online recently and my friend thought it was comforting.

    Catholic Prayer To Find A Job

    Loving God, you speak to us through all of life. Help me to trust you and to trust that what you desire for me lies in the deepest part of my heart. And, what you desire is that which allows me to grow and to be the person you created me to be – fully human and fully alive. May I always center my life on you and hear joyfully your call to be your companion. Help me to follow my desire to live my life as best I can and to serve others with the special gifts you have given me. Amen.

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