Prayer to create

(Limassol, Cyprus)

Dearest St Jude, humbling is the way I view the prayers listed below and I am truly grateful for all I have, I am blessed; I just ask you to add your assistance receive positive answers to my prayers to our Lord; to help me get life back on an even keel and enjoying its abundance of wonderful and joyous experiences as a co-creator.

The debts and possible court actions dispelled with and the deal with GA complete and successful. Please help in the meantime with the daily needs like the deposit and rent for the move to the place we viewed. It will be a beginning of a new chapter, one filled with Gods blessings of laughter, love, light and financial security. My familys piece of heaven.

I thank you St Jude for all of your assistance for me and all whom you intercede on behalf of and support our requests to God and our saviour, Jesus. Please also help me get balance and harmony in my spiritual self; in the panic I feel my holistic life seems to be in turmoil. Amen

My love and dedication to God; Jesus and all the ascended. Amen

Dear God, I thank you for all the experiences that you provide for me to learn from but can I go to a school for the privileged for the rest (second half) of my life. Please let me realise that I can co-create in a positive way life as it is intended to be here on earth. Amen

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