Prayer to concieve a healthy child

by Angela Fernandes (Mapusa, Goa,India)

Heavenly Father, we are your creation , you have blessed each one of us in your own way. We are your loving children. Help us Lord to share this love you have bestowed on all around us.

Lord I lift up my sister and brother in-law into your hands, Help them Lord to conceive and blessed them with a child. Lord nothing is impossible with you. You are powerful and living Father, Since many years they have been longing for child , set them free from all tensions, worries, anxieties, evil thoughts and help them to surrender each day into your hands. Bless them Lord with a child. Thank you Heavenly Father, Thank you Jesus,\.

Cleanse them with your previous blood all the areas of weakness and obstructions. Thank you Lord for helping them to convince and for a child healthy child in their Home.

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