Prayer to concieve a child

by M.E. ()

Dear God, you know how much we desire to have a family. You know that I am 35 years old now and that I have been waiting for a long time to become a mother. It is all that my heart desires. You know that our situation is complicated because of my husband’s job.

When I look at all my friends and siblings who have been blessed with this gift, I cannot help myself to think that you have forgotten me and that I am destined to be the underdog who has to suffer and long to have what other people get without too many problems. Despite these mixed feelings I keep coming to you with prayer and a renewed hope each month.

month after month I believe that you will finally hear my prayer and I feel hope, then it all breaks up, my hope is shattered and all the pain comes back. I ask you for a big special blessing this month. Dear God, Jesus, Holy Mother. please do hear this prayer and allow us to conceive a beautiful healthy baby whom we will cherish, love and do our best to give a good example.

I promise to be eternally grateful and that I will do my very best to teach him/her of Your glory and faithfulness to Your people. For this I pray. Amen.