Prayer to conceive

by Chloe (Malaysia)


I’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than a year with my boyfriend then husband. I know it’s a sin to get into relationship before marriage and that is the reason I would want to get married. I really pray that you healed my infertility and whatever that caused us and prevent us from being pregnant. My past and sins had always shadowed and bothered me.

But Lord, please please forgive my sins and wash me clean, wash me whole. Forgive my impatience, forgive my anger, forgive me of all my sins Oh God. I feel lonely, I really hope that a child will complete our marriage. I’ve dreamed of having a complete wholeness family ever since i’m a kid.

Dear Lord, I really wish that you blessed me with a child to cherish for every moment, to care, to love..even I’m writing this, I know that You should be the reason I should live for, In you I should find completeness…I do not know if it is not good, but every time I heard news of people getting pregnant or especially my dearest friend, I feel really sad deep down in my heart. I’m wondering whats wrong with me. Feel really hurt, feel really bad. Really hope that I can have good news like my friends did. Dear Lord, please please heal me..please bless me with a child. I know to trust in you..may not seems easy, But Lord, please give me patience to wait upon your blessings. I will learn to trust you Jesus..

Just wanna say sorry for all I’ve did. Please protect me, and let me know and remind me that despite of anything, Your always there for me like you’ve always did..

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