prayer to conceive another child

Dear Heavenly Father,

You know me and my husband have been trying for several weeks now to conceive another child. Today i found out that i have ovarian cysts and i really hope that this does not stop me from having more children lord.

I want to do right by you and have a healthy and happy, beautiful baby just like the one you blessed me with already. i love my daughter so much and she has truly blessed me and still does every day.

i want two children and if you could just answer this one prayer for me i would be so grateful lord and Please Lord don’t let me get pregnant and have a miscarriage like i did with the first pregnancy before i had my daughter. me and my husband would like to have a boy this time, but if you want us to have a girl we will be just fine with that as well. just as long as he or she is healthy we will be happy.

and in Jesus name, your Son.