Prayer to conceive and have a child

by Aileen (Manila)

Lord God I praise you and ask for your mercy, we’ve been married for seven years after miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy last 2009, I’m still not giving up. I am 33 years old, I have worries that I am getting older and still don’t have a child..

Lord I’ve been discouraged by other people together with my longing and unaswered prayers ,this makes me low and sad, I ask for your fogiveness, and I am not giving up because I know your powers are beyond imaginable, Just say the word Lord, For your words are powerful, please answer our prayer to have a child of our own a healthy and normal cute baby boy. I hope my child will serve you and be an obedient, good person. I beg you Lord, please hear as my heart cries, you know I tremble, I feel so discourage and you are my only hope that’s why my discouragement turns into hope.

I am not giving up because of you Lord.. You know my heart, and please forgive me for the mistakes and wrong thinkings I made before, help me to be positive and to be a good person. Lord I claim this will happen, please separate me from worries and problems while I am pregant. I claim it ,..IN JESUS NAME.